2021 Little League Season - Important Registration Information



Please read the info below before you register.


Spring 2022 Registration is Open!!....
Registration will be set up as a "Waitlist" registration until we know we can ensure that LTUSD will give us access to the fields as they monitor Covid.
Helpful Hints to save you time...
*Any question that does not have an asterisk next to it, does not need to be answered.
*You do not have to upload a Medical Release form or proof of residency during registration.

*If registering more than one player, look for the "add another participant" button before hitting "continue" on that page.

You will need to have...

 Your child's league age

     ~~League Age Calculator is here~~  Please use this to calculate and note league age - you will be asked to enter it during the registration.
 Form of payment- 
      ~ credit card preferred 
      ~ if you are unable to pay (need financial assistance) or unable to pay by credit card, please select "check" as your form of payment, complete your registration and then contact us for further guidance.

Who is eligible?-
Boys and girls born between September 1, 2009 and April 1, 2018 are currently eligible for Little League.  If you have a younger child interested in tee ball, please email us.

Children at the upper age limit for a division (guide below) should move up to the next division if they have any baseball experience or are reasonably athletic.  See our guide "Where Should My Child Play" for guidance.

Player New to South Tahoe Little League:
If your child did NOT play in our League last year, you should still go ahead and register now if you live within our boundaries. Check this League finder map if you aren't sure.




Steps to register


  • Set up an account here at Sports Connect.
  • ALL PLAYERS, New and Returning:
    •  Register your player(s) online by clicking the registration tab after reading the information below. Divisions are your preferences and are not guaranteed.
  • Get excited for our 2022 Season!

Please Note: All registrations and payments are online (even if you will be attending a document session, please register online prior to coming).

If for some reason you are unable to register online, encounter any issues, or have any questions feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]  We can also provide information regarding financial assistance.  Or perhaps you just want to say HI!

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.



$145 for AAA and Majors,
$135 for A and AA and
$90 for tee ball.  

If you aren't sure of the division for your child, make the best choice you can and send us a message if your child is chosen for a different division than you chose. 
Discount is $10 per child after the 1st one. Discount will not show until the checkout step.

Ready to Register?

Once you have read the above "Important Registration Info" click below to register.  If you have any issues shoot us an email!
click here to



What division is best for my player?


General Information

  • When you register, you will be asked what division you feel is most appropriate based on your child's level last year and their readiness to move up or stay put.
  • We try to honor your requests but are also required to comply with the rules of Little League International.
  • Remember "league age" may be different than birth age.  All ages here refer to "league age".  Visit this page to view Little League's age calculator or age chart to determine your player's league age.  All ages referred to in registration and the FAQs are league age.
  • If you still have questions after you begin the registration process and review the below FAQs feel free to email our player agents Kim & Josh at [email protected]



Tee Ball

  • Players league ages 4.5-6.
  • This is a noncompetitive division using a tee for the batters.


  • Players league age 6-8.
  • This is a noncompetitive division with machine/coach pitch rules.
  • Players league age 6 are permitted to move up to A division if they have completed 1 year or more of Tee ball.
  • Age 9 with no experience may play here with approval.


  • Players league ages 7-9.
  • This is noncompetitive with player/coach pitch rules. 10 year olds with little/no experience may play here with approval after tryouts, but should be in AAA as next year, they will be majors age.
  • Players league age 9 may be asked to tryout and consider AAA. 


  • Players league ages 8-10. This is a beginning competitive division with player pitch rules, Players league age 11 with little to no experience may be drafted here with board approval after consideration of special circumstances. but should play majors.
  • Please contact us for info.


  • Players league ages 10-12. This is a competitive division with player pitch rule, Players league age 9 may be drafted with board approval and significant experience and emotional maturity.

Contact us if you believe a division outside of the primary age range is best for your child. 

What are player evaluations and who has to go?

It is a way for our player agents and coaches to evaluate each player to help us make sure we get balanced teams and divisions. It also helps us plan our divisions as the age and skill structure can vary depending on how many participants we have. We will have a separate announcement later about this and may contact you after evaluations if we have space limitations and need to move kids to a division other than the one in which you registered them.

Players must attend an "eval" session if:
~They are league age 10 or older
~They want to be considered for AAA or Majors regardless of age
~We request a tryout if outside these parameters


What if I can't pay or can't pay online?

Please contact us at [email protected] if this is the case. No one gets turned away from LL for inability to pay.


What is the schedule?

Due to our very unpredictable and ever-changing weather, we have TENTATIVE dates for our events, always subject to change. We would like to hold our our player evaluations by mid-March, draft our teams near the middle or end of March. Practices can start when the weather and fields are clear and safe. We will have to start games shortly after LTUSD Spring Break in April. We have to play our required number of games and finish by early to mid-June to comply with District and National requirements. Our lower divisions (tee ball to AA) may have a later start and shorter season for the comfort and safety of our players.