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May, 2020

We understand....

We fully understand that not everyone will be comfortable or satisfied with what the modified season would look like.  I am very proud that the board was quick to act when the season seemed in doubt. This has allowed for us to control most of our expenses from very early in the season.  We do have a few fixed expenses we must manage in order for the league to continue. Not every league is as fortunate as we are and were not able to control their costs to the same extent.  Because of this early action, we are able to offer you up to a 75% refund of your player registration fees. You may select the 75% option or you may choose a lesser refund amount and consider it a donation. We will officially remove your player from the registration once the refund has been processed. To notify us of you desire to withdraw registration and/or request a refund please send a message to [email protected].