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Jan, 2020


Boys and girls born between September 1, 2007 and December 31, 2015 are currently eligible for Little League.  If you have a younger child interested in tee ball, please email us.

Children at the upper age limit for a division (guide below) should move up to the next division if they have any baseball experience or are reasonably athletic.  See our guide "Where Should My Child Play" for guidance.

Player New to South Tahoe Little League:
If your child did NOT play in our League last year, you should still go ahead and register now if you live within our boundaries. Check this League finder map if you aren't sure.
You will have extra requirements to provide proof of date of birth and residency or school attendance within our boundaries. Dates for acceptable proofs are Feb, 2019 to Feb 2020.
See this link for a list of acceptable documents- the school form is way easier, more on that later) can be submitted electronically or by attending one of our document days / help sessions (tentatively 5-7pm on 1/28 at Kahle Community Center and 5-7pm on 2/3 at S. Tahoe Ice Rink).
Player Returning to STNLL:
You should also register here: We are not requiring those supporting documents at this time for returning players unless you have moved. All players should, however, be able to provide them with 48 hours notice upon request before or during the regular season.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be aware that even for returning players we WILL absolutely need documents before your player is eligible for All-Stars.  
**This includes birth certificate (original birth certificate required for All Stars) and proofs of school attendance (easiest) or residency dated 2/19 to 2/20. 
It's a good idea to collect those documents now for that and in case we request to see them during the regular season. 

Click Here to register.